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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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few days if you stop working out in the heat. >> still plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all of your top stories are coming up. fox 5 morning news continues right now. we're glad you're with us this morning as we take a look down at wisconsin avenue at 5:00 on this tuesday morning. good morning and thank you for being with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm he sarah simmons in for gurvir this morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it will still be a little warm out there for the first day of school. not bad though t will be good for the kids not to have to go back to school in the rain there in virginia. so definitely not quite fall yet but we could still be visited by summer as tony struggles just to come back with us. >> after the hot yoga session. >> happy to be back. good morning, everybody. a fine forecast today. we'll see warmer temperatures today than we've seen during last couple of days but not a bad day for the first day of school for those who were remaining at summer vacation.
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it is all over today, folks. let's take a look at what is happening out there. we'll start with the current conditions. little 70 degrees in the d.c. area at reagan national. satellite-radar picture, we've got mostly clear skies across the region at this hour. high pressure kind of controlling thing this is morning. there will be a couple of clouds here and there but we'll see mostly sunny skies during the course of the day today and as said, a warm-up for today. your planner looks like this. plenty of sunshine today, highs around 90 degrees or so. looking for a high in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. not bad at all for your tuesday, september 7th. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. where are we? right there. >> i'm not sure either. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at
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traffic. >> what is it, like a little eight ball, is that how you decide where air looking. >> that is how it's been. >> welcome it my world. on the roads, you will find lanes are open with no incidents to report at the wilson bridge or along the top stretch traveling between college park and bethesda. all lanes are open. it is an easy commute on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. as sara has been mentioning, today is what they call terrible tuesday. it is a change in the traffic pattern, the kids get back to school and you are back from vacation and everybody is on the road together. so pack your patience. no incidents to report at the american legion bridge head down towards tyson's. also in virginia, 395 here at seminary road, lanes are open. the pace is good as you continue out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thank you. making headlines this morning, a shooting in germantown, maryland under investigation this morning. it happened just after 10like last night at a home on moon
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ridge drive. a man there shot during an apparent robbery attempt. montgomery county police think as many as four people may have been involved. two men are recovering this horning from another shooting. this one is in the district. it happened last night on 54th street and blaine street northeast. the victims, ages 17 and 20 were found conscious at the scene and taken to the hospital. the shooting happened just a block from the spot where two teenaged girls and a man were shot on sunday night. police have not made any arrests. it is back to school today for students across virginia. coming up later this morning in the #:00 hour, the superintendent of arlington county public schools, dr. pat murphy will join us live to talk about what is ahead for the school year there. and in our 7:00 hour, the superintendent of fairfax county schools, dr. jack dale, will join us live to talk about what is happening in fairfax county. more now on our other big story. we are one eke out from the elects in d.c. >> the democratic primary will determine who is washington's next mayor and the candidates are spending these final days out stumping for the votes.
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fox 5's scherr wayly is live in southeast with the latest in the race for mayor. good morning. >> good morning. with the early voting already under way here, it is now crunch time for the mayoral candidates. mayor adrian fenty, the incumbent underdog, faces an uphill battle to win another term but today, he did get some help from the washington examiner with an endorsement saying that fenty deserves and d.c. needs him for four more years. still, polls show that voters overwhelmingly support his challenger council chairman vincent gray. fenty is trying to close that gap with one week to go before the democratic primary. he spent the labor day holiday yesterday working hard to drum up support. in its endorsement, the the examiner cited fenty's record improving schools, city service, economic development and fighting crime. gray on the other hand the touting his plans to be more inclusive meeting with teachers and other supporter as cross
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the city. yesterday, he took his cam maybe for ward 4, fenty's home turf which could prove to be a major battleground in the election. the two candidates sparred over the group peaceoholic and and why the city has been low to release documents about the nonprofit's relationship with police. >> it is my understanding and every information that someone has wanted, they have received. >> we are looking forward to the auditor being able to get the cooperation of the administration and the attorney general to get the documents they need so that we can report once and if all how the money has been used. >> reporter: there is no republican running in the primary so whoever wins next tuesday should have a lock on the yen election come november. and for the first time, as i mentioned, the city is also doing early voting. five sites are open across the city including this one here at heinz junior high school in southeast tease. it is unclear how many people will take advantage of the early voting and which candidate it might benefit.
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live in southeast, sherry ly, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. turning now to accusations of stolen campaign signs in the race for ward 5 tease council seat. owner of capital city diner in northeast d.c. says restaurant surveillance captured kathy henderson, the kind candidate for ward 5 removing harry thomas and kwame brown signs outside the dine are and replacing them with mayor fenty signs. henderson says the owner asked her to remove the signs because he only put them up us because he felt sorry for one of the candidates. >> politic has no plane place for that. here is a business owner who has supported me because he thinks i've done good work and for someone to come down and try to intimidate someone into the way she thinks it should be. >> clearly i'm not stealing. i'm he just replacing signs at mr. ashburn's request and for him to take this and use it as
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an act of sabotage is truly disappointing and disheartening. in maryland, the gloves are really off in the race for governor. republican bob earlyic released his first ad called let's get to work. the former governor says maryland is in worse shape than it was four years ago due to debt, hewer taxes and fewer -- higher taxes and fewer jobs to go around. martin o'malley's campaign blasted the ad saying ehrlich is distorting the facts and making empty promises. president obama rolling out a new program that includes spending on roads and other infrastructure. the plan would pump $50 billion in the nation's roads, railways and runways inform a campaign- stalialy in milwaukee, president slammed runnings for causing america's hard economic times but says we can come back. >> we used to have the best infrastructure in the world.
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we can have it again. >> the president might have trouble getting his new plan passed though. republicans are criticizing the president's proposal as just more stimulus spending and democrats will also likely be reluctant to approve more spending weeks before elections that will determine who controls congress. we're just a week way from the election and the race for maryland's governor is full steam ahead. we'll hear from both candidates as they continue to trade verbal shots. you are watching fox 5 morning news. it is now 5:08. than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. i thought it was over here...
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the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery, just real, all white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients. perdue frozen chicken. all white meat. no mystery. making headlines this morning, plans to burn the koran in the u.s. marked a massive protest in afghanistan. people burned american flags while yelling death to america and long live islam. a pastor in gainesville, florida plans to burn the islamic holy book on the eastles of 9-11. despite the city denying his permit for a bonfire. the top u.s. and nato commander
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in afghanistan warns that burning the koran could endanger u.s. troops in afghanistan and incite violence worldwide. experts are warning that another powerful earthquake could hit new zealand soon. state sate, a 7.1 magnitude quake destroyed buildings, home and roads in the city of christchurch. there have been more than 100 powerful aftershocks. quake experts say that will probably continue for some weeks. a wildfire near boulder, colorado out of control this morning. the smoke could be seen for miles way. it is burning an area about six square miles right now but has already destroyed several homes including homes of some firefighters. the sheriff called if a mandatory evacuation of 1,000 homes and 100 firefighters are currently battling those flames. more verbal yab in the race for maryland governor. straight ahead on fox 5 morning
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news. very verbal jabs in the race for maryland governor. >> in new hall enger who rolled out of bed and decides he wants to get to work. >> this is from the people who blame for you the louisiana oil spill. >> the race a virtual dead heat. we'll more more from the candidates and the voters coming up. also coming up in just a few moments, the latest on today's forecast. a warm one for today with plenty of sunshine. stay with us for that. julie wright is here. she will tell us about the morning commute to work and school. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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welcome back on this tuesday, september 7th, that is correct? >> yes. >> i think it is the 7th. getting a little confused here. welcome back. let's start off talking about money they want say it can't buy happiness but according to a new report, apparently it can. >> researchers -- sorry i was
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distracted by that whole thought. researchers from princeton say people's eexplosional well being increases along with their income but only up to about $75,000. they say earning anything more than that it can i have go i sense after achievement but it doesn't give awe feeling he have of overall life satisfaction. i remember hearing this when i was young. i never understood it that money doesn't make you happy. >> it helps. because otherwise you're stressed if you can't make ends meet. >> that is my point. i think the people would came one it are people would have money. >> the rest you, you don't need this money to be happy. >> but if you don't have it, there is a lot of stress involved. >> and the $75,000 a year, that depends on where you live too. you also have to factor that in, i would think. >> i disagree with that. >> it is totally wrong. >> we immediate to find out how much money went into the
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research polls. >> there you go. >> listen, i got some numbers for you that you can believe in. we'll see warmer temperatures today but as the week progresses, we'll see cooler temperatures work their way in, believe it or not. let's stawhrty is going on wit stop forecast. i don't know if you guys have been featuring this or not but it is certainly here to stay now with school. today is the last first day of school that we have across the region. there you go. everybody, all the kids going to school today. sunny skies, mild temperatures this morning. temperatures primarily in the upper 60s. sunrise today is at 6:42. i mentioned our temperature trend, warmer today and cooler towards the end of the week. take a look. we'll show it to you. yesterday, we had a high of 87 degrees. today, we'll make it up to about 89. close to 90 degrees. then tomorrow being a little bit of a drop-off. the cooler air works its way in here for the last part of the week after a cold front comes through. high on thursday, despite the fact that there will be
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sunshine, only about 08 degrees on thursday. all right. here are your current temperatures around the region. 70degrees right now here in washington. 66 in gaithersburg. frederick is at 57 degrees. quantico, virginia, 69. fredericksburg, virginia at # 9 degrees as well. here is a look at the satellite- radar. not a lot to see on the sat rad for this morning. mostly clear skies. couple of clouds out there here and there. a cold front with much cool are air behind t that will work its way eastward during the course of the week and during the latter part of the week drop our temperatures to below normal. our forecast for washington for today, above normal momently sunny skies, quite warm this afternoon. high close to 90 degrees be. your winds five to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, i showed you the temperature, 88. we remain dry for another self days. yesterday was the 15th day in a
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row without any measurable rain and it looks like that is wait it will be through this week. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> i'm trying to sit here and think about a positive spin we can put on things. kids are back from school, you are home from vacation. what did i come up with, it's four-day workweek. so that is a good thing. got to make you smile somehow. on the roads, you will find lanes are open with no incidents reported. top stretch of the beltway behaving nicely between college park and 270. 270 at speed. keep your eye for the yellow buses. no incidents reported this morning. 66 at speed in the main line as you continue eastbound towards the beltway. no problems reported on 95 and 359 leaving woodbridge to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we still have plenty more for you this morning. here is a look at what we are working on through outthe morning.
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in our next hour, more on the president's latest economic plan. that is in our business beat. >> the late on the d.c. mayor's race. american university professor and fox 5 political analyst lenny steinhorn will join us live. at 8:00 this morning, if you are looking for freebies, free tools, free repairs, free cash. kiplinger's has its annual list of fabulous freebies coming up at 8:00 this morning. of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer d
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governor continues to heat up. candidates, current governor martin o'malley and former governor robert ehrlich meted for a second time yesterday trading shots an rubbing elbows. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: he labor day parade in gaithersburg, you will find two men going after the same job, martin o'malley, incumbent governor who is trying to hold onto that job. and former republican governor robert ehrlich who is trying to get his old job back. the last rasmussen poll finds both men virtually tied around 45% for the third month in a row. difference maker both men say will be their track record as governor. >> he is not some new challenger who rolled out of bed and decided that golly, now he really wants to get to work. what did he do when he was in office. >> reporter: to have this democrat of a county and this many undecided so late shows us that a lot of people are unhappy with annapolis today. that is what it shows.
5:25 am
>> turkd maryland is in trouble. >> ehrlich's campaign launched its first tv ad labor day being an ad the current governor calls misheeding. >> i think it tries to gloss over the things did he when he was in office. >> reporter: ehrlich's reaction to o'malley's comment. >> this is from the people who blame knee for the louisiana oil spill. >> reporter: now, from a political science standpoint, there is little scientific about walking up to folks at a parade and asking them who they are going to vote for but the large majority told us the one decision they have made in maryland is that they haven't made any decision. true, some have made their pick. >> governor ehrlich. >> o'malley. >> for most, their vote is up for grabs. >> still trying to make a decision. >> i'm still up in the air. >> still undecided. >> i'm just not sure who is going to make the better choices. >> reporter: one thing is clear. maryland voters will have to lack of differents to pick apart as they try to pick between their two governors. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news.
5:26 am
>> we still have plenty more ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> dave, one week to go before d.c.'s democratic primary and the race is heating up for mayor. early voting already under way and today, one. the candidates picked up a major endorsement. we'll have that for you coming up. h , t
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welcome back on this
5:29 am
tuesday, september 7th, as we take a live look outside. you can see the air force memorial in the background where it will be another beautiful day here in the nation's capital. >> sounds like we are off to a good start. 70degrees right now. >> much of the area in the 60s. at reagan national, it is 70 degrees. we'll get set for a pretty day, a warmer day than what we've had during the last few days. let's get right to it. show you the temperatures around the region right now. reagan national airport is at 70 degrees at this hour. 66 out at dulles airport. bwi marshall, 62. patuxent naval air station, 71 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern u.s. and as you can see, really high pressure controlling things for us. nothing happening. we don't expect precipitation today. we don't expect much in the way of cloud cover today. we'll see mostly sunny skies. your forecast for today looks like this. as i said, mostly sunny. warm this afternoon. look for high of about 89 degrees. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. enjoy the day.
5:30 am
>> the last bit of summer. enjoy it while you can. not going to be here much longer. >> let's check in with julie. >> you say that just to remind you, don't you? >> i do. i know you're going to say something to me about it. you are all about the hot weather even though i'm going to enjoy later in the week because it will cool off. >> they were picking up the lounge chairs at the pool yesterday and i was just holding on to it as they were dragging me off. lanes are open with no incidents to report. you are traveling south on 270 out of hyattstown. the pace is starting to slow but this is dealing with volume delays only. no incidents reported. no problems to report south of i-70. the lanes are open on 29 leaving stewart lane out towards four corners. northbound 95 in the main line, lanes are open continuing out towards newing to be new --
5:31 am
towards newington and outs towards springfield. montgomery county police are investigating a shooting. they say a man was shot during what happened to be a robbery attempt at a home on hoon ridge drive in germantown. the victim was taken to the hospital and at last check he was in stable condition. police believe as many as four people may have been involved in this i wanted and so far no arrests have been made. a devastating fire claims the lives of 27 thoroughbred horses. three barns went up in flames in west virginia. dozens of people nearby including workers from charlestown casino tried to help the animals. this were able to save 20 horses but fire investigators say the flames just spread too quickly in those wooden barns. there is no word yet on what started the fire. and it is book to cool stud for students across virginia. coming up a little later this morning in our next half hour the superintendent of arlington county public schools, dr. pat murphy will join us live to talk about what is ahead for the school year there. in our 7:00 hour, the superintendent of fairfax county public schools, dr. jack
5:32 am
dale, is scheduled to join us live to talk about what is going on in their district. the other big story we are following, we are one week out from primary elections in d.c. the mayor's race likely will be determined by the democratic primary so the candidates are out stumping hard for your vote. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the polls open at 8:30 this morning for early voting at five sites across the city. today, mayor adrian fenty received a huge boost in trying to get some of those votes. the washington examiner in you its endorsement said that fenty and d.c. needs him for four more years but polls show that his challenger, council chairman vincent gray has an overwhelming lead and a large margin. gray tried to keep the momentum going working through the labor day holiday to shore up his support were he is touting his education reform, meeting with teachers and talking about how he plans to be more inclusive. he crisscrossed the city even
5:33 am
hitting ward four, fenty's home turf which is turning into a major battleground. mayor feint fenty, the incumbent underdog spent yes yed rallying supporters for a come from behind win. the examiner cited fenty for improvements. the mayor's popularity has gone down recently. last week he can brought his wife it a debate. today, he defended himself when asked if the move was a political ploy. >> anybody who would question member of my family answering a question from the media about what impact it has on them and then cast ago peering'ss -- casting aspersions on them for doing so is either one who is my political opponent or one who isn't aware of the circumstances. >> even though every decision might not go the way the people want it to go, i think they
5:34 am
will feel like they've been heard and they'ven respected in the process. >> reporter: if the first time, the district also has the early voting and it is hard to know at this point which candidate might stand to benefit. now, the winner of d.c.'s democratic primary is likely to win the november election. there is no republican running in this case and the only curveball that could be thrown is if one of the candidates ran as an independent. it looks like whoever wins next tuesday will have a lock on the election in november. that is the latest here. back to you. now to the controversy in the race for the word 5 d.c. council seat. one candidate is accusing another of stealing his campaign signs from a supporter's private property. the owner of capital city diner says kathy henderson, the independent candidate for ward 5, removed harry thomas and kwame brown signs from his restaurant and replaced them with mayor fenty signs. the ordeal was all caught on camera outside the restaurant in northeast.
5:35 am
ms.henderson says she did this after a conversation with the diner's owner. >> we talked about the signs and he asked me to remove the signs and he said he initially put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> it is just fortunate that we have video surveillance because it shows clearly what happened on that particular day and there is no disputing that. >> the diner's own are, matt ashburn, says he never asked henderson to remove anything from his property. both he and councilmember thomas say they have filed police reports accusing henderson of theft. in maryland now, republican bob ehrlich released his first ad called let's get to work. the former governor says maryland is in worse shape than it was four years ago due to debt, higher taxes and fewer jobs to go around. his democratic opponent, governor mart uno'malley's campaign blasted the ad calling it a pie in the sky ad. they say ehrlich is distorting the facts and making empty promises. the president has a new plan to revive the economy as
5:36 am
president obama spent part of his labor day holiday in milwaukee announcing a proposal to spark the sagging economy with a new spending program. as fox news white house correspondent mike emmanuel reports being the president's new stimulus focused on long- term infrastructure spending. >> reporter: president obama laid out his plan to stimulate the economy by pumping some $50 billion into the nation's rs, roadways, rail ways and runways. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. >> reporter: the plan will call for building 150,000 miles of road, construct or maintain 4,000 miles of rails across it is country and rebail state or reconstruct 150 miles of runways. >> we want to set up an infrastructure bank to leverage federal dollars and focus on the smartest investments. we'll continue our strategy to build a national high-speed rail network that reduces congestion and travel times and
5:37 am
reduces harmful emissions. >> reporter: the proposal would require approval from congress which is highly uncertain with many lawmakers and voters worried about adding to federal deficits that are already sky high. the president made infrastructure uninvestment as a big part of the $800 billion stimulus bill congress passed last year. but administration officials admit the program would not create jobs until sometime next year. senator john mccain talked about his former adversary's handling of economy on fox news sunday. >> the economic policies have failed. can you argue about jobs created, jobs saved but the fact is when they passed the stimulus package they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. it is now 9.6%. enough said. >> reporter: a senior white house official says they would consider closing a number of special tax breaks for oil and gas companies to pay for the proposal. traveling with the president in milwaukee, mike emmanuel, fox news. it is back to school time and that means time to stock up on the supplies. >> but parents aren't the only ones shelling out the dough.
5:38 am
teachers are now chipping in. we'll tell you where and why when fox 5 morning news continues. rds,rc
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. a confession from the man at the center of the veaftion into the disappearance of natalee holloway. joran van der sloot admits he extorted money from her parents promising to lead them to their daughter's body.
5:41 am
he said he did it to get back at them because they made his life tough for the last five years. the teenagers was last seen alive with van der sloot in aruba. the lawyer for the jetblue flight attendant who made news after an argument with a passenger and quit his job says that is exactly what he did. he quit his job. his attorney says he formally resigned his position last week. jetblue claims slater had already been suspended. friends, loved ones and supporters are mourning the loss of one of the little rock nine. jefferson thomas was one of the nine teenagers who helped change the face of the civil rights movement. the group of black teens integrated little rock's central high school back in 1959. it was the first real test of the supreme court's school desegregation order. thomas and the others were awarded the congressional medal of honor in 1999.
5:42 am
he died of pancreatic cancer sunday at the age of 67. school supplies are just another added expense in this tough economy. find out how hare ents are getting a bit after helping hand when it comes to getting the kids what they need during the school year. we'll get another check on weather and traffic when we return. you are watching fox 5 morning news -- find out how parents are getting a bit of a helping hand whether it comes to getting the kids what they need during the school year. 
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welcome back. we take a look at our nation's capital, the capitol dome there in the background. it will be a beautiful day out there. last bit of summer that people can enjoy. swimmers enjoyed their last laps in d.c.'s outdoor pools yesterday. beginning today, only one outdoor pool will remain open. the east potomac pool is heated and will not close until october 17th. indoor pools and aqawtdic centers operate year-round and can you grow to and look under web links for a complete list of locations and hours. >> all right. there is your options. not many left after yesterday. >> just a few. but everybody will be back in school. >> you always feel like this time of year everything gets back to normal. >> the normal. >> work, school, all of that. >> still going to feel like
5:46 am
summer today. >> it really is. more so today than last few days. we'll add a couple of degrees today to what we had yesterday. let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures across the region. we were above normal pretty much everywhere. at reagan national, the high temperature made it up to 87 degrees. dulles was 84 degrees. bwi marshall only up to 82 degrees yesterday. let's take a look at the re in the district, at reagan e national at least, we remain at 70 degrees at this hour. 70 in annapolis, baltimore is at 62-degree. gaithersburg, 64 degrees. manassas, cool out there, 59 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the region. we look fine. we have agot mostly clear skies this morning. i think we're going to see mostly sunshine for the day today. nothing really to show. it is out to the west where you will see a little frontal boundary that will be making its way through here later in the week. there it is right there. kind of hard to see but some
5:47 am
rain showers along that fronted. it's cold front. once it gets here, it will drop our temperatures for the latter part of the week. let's talk about a tropical storm hermine which did make lands fall. it has brought strong gusty winds and lots of rain it northeastern mexico and southern texas right around the brownsville area. heavy rainfall and winds died down to about 50 miles per hour. but the storm its track to the north-northeast t will lose some of its intensity as it continues to move over land. for us, the day looks like this. twaibl quiet day. mostly sunny skies. our average high for this day is 82 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, after tomorrow, we get some falling temperatures. thursday, very nice, 80 degrees, sunshine. friday, sunny and 78. saturday, as we head into the weekend, it looks like we remain dry. we don't think that front will
5:48 am
produce any rain. 81degrees with a few clouds on saturday. let's find out the latest on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> the kids are back in school today so keep an eye out for the yellow buses and for the little ones making their way out towardss the bus stop. on the interstates no, problems reported. southbound 270 in the clear leaving hyattstown headed out towards the truck scales. all of the lanes are open. lanes are open top side of the beltway between college park and bethesda, now in virginia. 95 already off to a slow go as you travel north of the prince william parkway headed up towards lorton. the beltway continues to run with ease leaving annandale to merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. as kids head back to school, parents are stocking out supplies. >> but they are not the only ones shelling out the dough n this economy, teachers are also splurging on supplies for their students too. we have a report. >> reporter: kinder guarden teacher lisa costa walks out of this teacher's supply store with laminated name tags, items
5:49 am
she paid for out of her own pocket. >> i spent a whole load of money. >> reporter: she says budget cuts have had an impact at her school. it is the same story for ellie, a special education teach fore nearly 0 years. she says oftentimes teachers fill in the gaps for parents having a hard time buying basics for the kids. >> i know that some of the parents can't afford certain things, folders, erasers, things that you would being you could afford. >> i'm hoping they could use dollar stores and things like that. utah dollar deem store is where we found some parents shopping for school supplies. >> how many advertise count, how much discount. >> reporter: pass sake school superintendent dr. robert holster says 90 people retiring helped minimize the impact of cuts. but still, 5 people were laid off. certain services were privatized and other positions weren't filled. >> a lot of money that teachers
5:50 am
spend are not instructional. they are more decorative. >> reporter: whether they are for the classroom or directly for the kids, they are still pick-me-ups that teachers end up picking up the kids for. >> things to encourage the students to come back to school and start performing well. >> reporter: the following school year, the pass sake rs the passaic school superintendent is concerned that there will be more budget cuts. british tabloid offering you a chance to become more like the rich and famous by smelling like them. the sun has relooseed a frag arantxa sanchez vicario called the buzz and the scent is meant to capture the essence of celebrities like beyonce and sarah jessica parker. maker says he hopes the person fume has universal appeal and will make every woman feel glamorous. >> so it makes you feel like everybody. >> and sarah jessica parker has
5:51 am
her own perfume. just by hears if you want to spell like her. >> a big kick offon the college football season and it was right in our backyard. a late flight thriller as virginia tried to knock off the number thee team in the nation, boise state. number thee three in the nation. could they get it done? we'll have that coming up next. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer droiiiid.
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. wrapped up the first week
5:54 am
of college football with thrillers, one of them at fedex field last night. it was a tough loss for the virginia tech hokies. they fell to the third-ranked boise state 33-30. distracted by that awesome suchdown catch. that was another one. boise state scored the winning touchdown with just over one minute left in the game. it is the fourth straight year that virginia tech has suffered a deplating early season loss. the other big game yesterday in baltimore where the midshipmen and the terrapins hooked up. neutral site, m & t stadium in baltimore. scott back and healthy. gets to the outside. punches in it in. that puts maryland on the board first. 7-0 terps. a run for 6 # yards. takes it down to the navy 13. just minutes later, he would finish off the driveway three- qard score. a lot of rushing in this one to
5:55 am
say the least. terps were up 14-0 but navy came back second quarter. rickey dobbs to andre bird. took it from from 10 yards out. dobbs fumbles, term recover. loot look. gets over the pile. in ay down three. maryland holds on for the 17-14 win. here more from dave ross. >> what a way for the maryland terrapins to begin their season. they come to m & t stadium being nip navy in an absolute thriller to flip the script to begin 2010. >> feels great. that i great big first win for us and we are ajust trying to capitalize for the rest of the season right now. one game at a time. >> how good does it feel to get it on your side this year?
5:56 am
>> it feels real good. i am hoping it will pay off for the players. >> he lost so many tough games like this and we pulled through to make a big play at the end of night, i'm happy for them. >> the maryland terrapins nip the navy midshipmenning 17-14 holding off the midshipmen on the one-yard line to end the game in stunning fashion. dave ross, fox 5 sports. >> and we go to the nfl now and some good news for the redskins. coach shanahan says starting quarter back donovan mcnabb will play sunday into the opener against dallas. he took snaps with the starters and showed no signs that his ankle was not bothering him. steams like nobody in the locker room was ever worried about mcnabb. >> i talked to don haven't and we yoked about it and he said how would anyone think i'm not going it plate cowboys on a sunday night game. he is ready to play. >> albert haynesworth, still a
5:57 am
question what is going to happen with him. he has been practicing with the second team defense. there were reports over the weekend that the coaches were unhappy with his performance in the final pre-season game but he and the coach seemed to be on good terms during the practice yesterday and the coach had nothing negative to say. >> any a person plays the defensive end position and nose position, it tames some time. it doesn't happen overnight e played a lot of plays. i thought he did a good job considering playing as many plays as he did do at a couple different positions and not having the reps that some of another players had at it. it was work that was well- needed and he played hard. >> you want some good news? look no further than nats rookie danny he espinoza.
5:58 am
he is 9-16 with three home runs. the nats won yesterday. straight ahead, your top stories plus your morning commute and weather. stay with us. we'll be right back. t any vacation we want? with our chase ultimate rewards, we can go anywhere. how about snorkeling?
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